Today is September 1, World Peace Day!

Let alone living in peace, we are in the days that we are getting further and further away from even mentioning the name of peace…

According to the data of the Stockholm Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), the total amount spent on armaments worldwide reached 2 trillion in 2020. This amount constituted the largest budget allocated for armament and minimum expenditures since 1990.

While the total budget spent on armaments in 2020 was determined as 2 trillion, it is stated that the amount required to end global hunger by 2030 is only 330 billion dollars.

In addition to global armament, there is a continuous increase in individual armament. Currently, America is at the forefront of civilian armament in the world. America, which has a population of 382 million, has almost 392 million firearms. It is stated that 41,000 people were killed in the USA in 2020 with only individual guns. On the other hand, Turkey ranks 14th among 178 countries in terms of individual armament. Considering the crimes committed in Turkey in the last 10 years; It is stated that the number of crimes committed with registered guns is approximately 25 thousand, and the number of crimes committed with unregistered guns is almost 160 thousand. This shows that the use of guns is also quite common informally.

One of the consequences of increasing armament around the world has been the increase in armed attacks against educational institutions. According to the data of the United Nations Security Council, the number of armed attacks on schools and universities between 2011 and 2019 was determined as 370. In these attacks, 5500 civilians lost their lives, 27% of whom were children. While 160 countries signed a joint declaration on the protection of schools in the event of armed attack and conflict, half of the countries in the world still do not have a signature on this declaration.

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