The First Crops of The Field

The Field (The Tarla) challenges the consumption patterns that harm the natural life cycles, makes use of renewable energy solutions, produces using organic fertilization and now it is being harvested.

The team worked hard with volunteers to prepare The Field for incoming season and completed necessities to meet the vegetable and fruits during the season. After plowing, the water-saving drip irrigation system was set up and seedlings were planted. The Field team is now excited to see seedlings turning into crops.

The Field is waiting for new volunteers who want to experience an alternatif life. If you want to be a volunteer at The Tarla, you can send your resume and motivation letter with “The Field” subject to

For further info about The Field, click here.

2019-04-01T15:14:28+00:00 25 May 2018|AYDER, Dreams Academy Kas, News, The Field|
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