Barrier Free Life Solutions Map (Engelsiz Yaşam Çözümleri Haritası/EYÇH) has begun!

EYÇH project, which is organized by the Alternative Life Association and T.C. Kaş District Government, aims to reach to every disabled citizen. After the approval of the district governors and local administrations, disabled citizens have been detected in the first phase.

According to TÜİK’s statistics, the number of disabled people should have been more.Needs Map Cooperation will contribute to the project by processing the digital database as a map. In order to reach out to every disabled person, there have been meetings with the local administrators. In the second phase of the project, these disabled people are being contacted individually to process their information to the database and determine their needs. After the needs are determined, a guideline will be created in order to meet these needs.

2021-02-25T14:06:50+00:00 25 February 2021|Alternative Camp, AYDER, Dreams Academy Kas, News|
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