Sugar- free Nutrition Seminar at Dreams Kitchen

A lot of research done in recent years proves the benefits of the sugar-free nutrition system to the human body. Having focused on healthy food production, the Dreams Kitchen came together with Ochi Food and co-organized a seminar on what to know about this nutritional system.

Speaker of the seminar and the founder of Ochi Food, Tuğçe Ergün practices sugar-free nutrition in her own life and at the same time, produces homemade, healthy snacks using flour obtained from local seeds, which does not contain sugar.

Excessive consumption of sugar is among the facts that are known to be scientifically proven to cause discomfort such as Alzheimer’s, obesity, liver fatigue, or accelerate these illnesses, as well as the difficulties of daily life, such as learning disability, attention deficit and fatigue.

Tuğçe Ergun expressed that the highest amount of sugar that could be consumed within a day is 25 grams. This means about 6 teaspoons of sugar. When calculating the amount of sugar to be taken daily, it is also important to include the amount of sugar in fruit, vegetables and bread.

Tuğçe Ergün tells that we need to bring blood sugar balancing foods to our lives in order to get the best out of our sugar-free life. He stated that a few drops of homemade apple cider into a glass of water every morning would help balance the blood sugar.He also expressed that easy snacks prepared with yogurt and powder cinnamon would help us with our need of sweet.

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