Dreams Academy in Kosovo

With the support of the United Nations Development Fund, Dreams Academy, which has two centers in Istanbul and Kaş, is launched in Kosovo through the initiative of the Kosovo Foundation for the Culture and Solidarity of Prizren in 2008.

The project, which is officially signed with the signature of the association in the center of Istanbul,will take place with various stakeholders under the coordination of AYDER. The project, which aims to strengthen the integration of socially disadvantaged individuals into social life with the support of arts, sports and technology, will be a first in the Balkans.

Gülen Aksu Türker, Chairman of the Association of Culture and Beneficiary of Kosovo Prizren, said: We are cooperating with different institutions of our country to solve various problems in Kosovo. We are very excited and happy that the esteemed social entrepreneur Ercan Tutal and his team agreed to work with international supports and projects for socially disadvantaged individuals in Kosovo, dealing with many economic and social problems from the war and set out with great energy. We are also proud to be a part of this formation.

Ercan Tutal, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of AYDER and founder of Dreams Academy, said, “With this protocol we signed, we are on a journey of social change in all Balkan countries, especially in Kosovo. The place of Kosovo in this process is strategically large and valuable. Reviving a country that was just out of war through art, sports and technology would be one of the best examples of transformation. AYDER, which has many projects under its umbrella since its establishment, has aimed to make each project possible to be copied and disseminated. It is pleasing and encouraging to achieve this in various countries outside of Turkey.” he added.

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