Volunteering in Dreams Academy, Kaş

Dreams Academy Kaş is an organization where the act of being a volunteer is fully experienced. The volunteers working on the projects also take care of their living spaces.

Just as you have duties at home, you live by adopting these duties in Dreams Academy similarly. You work hard on the project, make phone calls, prepare documents, and talk with individuals one to one. As a reward of this hard work, amazing landscapes of Kaş, trekking by these views, the sea -even in winter-, taking care of animals in the academy, sports activities and many enjoyable activities await at Dreams Academy Kaş. While you work for a better world, you can improve yourself. Volunteers, who have gained experience in many new fields, combine these experiences with their existing knowledge and leave the Dreams Academy as brand-new individuals. The volunteering process, which is good for the world, the body, and the soul, continues alternately and new volunteers are welcomed. Hope to see you volunteer at Dreams Academy Kaş.

2021-02-25T13:52:10+00:00 25 February 2021|Alternative Camp, AYDER, Dreams Academy, Dreams Academy Kas, News|
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