Dreams Academy 10th Year Album Recordings at MUME

Social Inclusion Band album recording continues with music director Ahmet Nebi Şaylan at MUME (Mehmet Uluğ Music House) in the 10th year of Dreams Academy.

MUME was established to realise Mehmet Uluğ’s dream, who was also one of the founders of Pozitif that led art and culture in Turkey. MUME hosts music activities in Dreams Academy, Kaş campus since 2015.

MUME aims to involve physically and socially disadvantaged people in musical production, provide both domestic and international music educations and set up workshops. Many amateur and professional musicians has taken their part for this purpose. Click here for more info.

2019-04-01T15:13:52+00:00 31 May 2018|AYDER, Dreams Academy Kas, MUME, News, Social Inclusion Band|
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