We promise together, we promise to each other, we promise ourselves!

As AYDER, we celebrate the development of women and girls in our community and provide all the support we can to sustain.

We support increasing the number of women in the leadership position and ensuring equality of wages.

We try to raise our children’s awareness that their possibilities are not limited to their gender. Because in life they will be known for their characters and contributions.

We support the policies that advocate women who are exposed to abuse and violence.

We strive to ensure that women and girls have equal rights in education. Because education is the key to economic security and freedom of thought and stability.

We respect women by accepting the complexity of a mother’s place in society. Because we know that the children they will raise are our future.

We’re trying to include gender in all our research.

We support women’s civil society leadership in every field and as an association with HeForShe, we share this with you most clearly.

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