A sustainable and livable future has never been so threatened

Humanity is going throgh an arduous period.

We witness examples of high power institutions and even the most developed countries failing in the classroom.

For the first time, globality really filled its meaning and located on a chain of equal influence independent of geographies, wealth and status.

Courageous steps for mass mobilization, unrequited solidarity and collective solutions.. This requires us to take on shared responsibilities as the approaches we need at this particular time in history.

We, as the Alternative Living Association, put all our knowledge, volunteering energy and resources on the urgent problems of the regions we are in and the disadvantaged groups experiencing double injustices.

By implementing an efficient solution model of Public-NGO cooperation, we created a digital database of all disabled individuals in the region under the responsible and visionary coordination of Kas District Governorship.

At every stage of this innovative data creation, identifying and analyzing problems and then implementing solution proposals, the active participation of all public institutions and civil administrations of the district, which consists of 54 neighborhoods, and the synergy of NGO agility have produced crucial results.

In the last phase of our Barrier-Free Life Solutions Map project, we need your support and solidarity contributions.

Let’s meet the obligatory vital needs of a poor, deprived but proud minority (*) behind the walls of accessibility and accessibility in the Mediterranean countryside, which they silently express, almost ashamed.

Let a pebble come from you to close the gap created by the unfulfilled equality of opportunity.. Instead of magnifying the insolubility and giving up, ignoring or saying don’t care; bend down softly and take a starfish that is about to dry and throw it into the sea..!

The Mediterranean is waiting with open arms for your generous approach..!!!

(*) “ “Disabled; The world’s largest minority..” (UN Secretary-General)

FOR SUPPORT FORM; www.ayder.org.tr/kas

2021-10-05T14:45:45+00:00 18 August 2021|Alternative Camp, AYDER, Dreams Academy Kas, News|
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