“12 Themes in 12 Weeks” on Full Blast

“12 Themes in 12 Weeks” programme where we discuss 12 social problems during 12 weeks continues at Düşler Akademisi, Kaş. 3rd week’s “Accessibility – Beyond Accessibility” workshop was held in June 26 – July 1.

In the workshop, while related non-governmental organizations, academicians and people with physically disabilities discussed the current problems, accessibility was defined in details. Sub-topics of the discussion were obstacles, social and physical problems of accessibility. Retained solution offers, technological developments and  universal design models were reported during the workshop. When the social problems of accessibility was being discussed, how the family life, education, social services and participating in social life process affected people was also taken in consideration.

Volunteers and participants of Accessibility Week, after these sessions, got a chance to enchance their communion while swimming, diving, sight-seeing in Kaş and Elif Gamze Bozo’s, also one of the participants, “Kendime Engel Olamıyorum-Senegal” photography exibition.

The Accessibility Workshop Report will be shared as an open resource by AYDER.

For further info about “12 Themes in 12 Weeks”, please click here.


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