Rethinking Consumption (Ecological Life)

“Rethinking consumption”the youth exchange program is leading in cooperation with AYDER (Turkey), Friedenskreis Halle E. V. (Germany), Altromodo Flegreo (Italy) and Intercultural Life (Spain), between 11-20 April 2019 in Granada Trasmulas.

6 young people between the ages of 18 and 30, who have a leading potential in the fields of ecology, responsible consumption and sustainable life, will have their dreams coming to life through this project. AYDER aims to set an example for the inclusion of associations from Germany, Italy and Spain by giving participants from different obstacle and disadvantage groups in the project.

At the end of the program, young people who joined the project in Turkey and other three different countries’ participants will organize open-air exhibition in Trasmulas village, to find solutions for the region consumption will come with creative ideas.

While AYDER (Alternative Life Association) behaves very precisely during the participatory selection phase, the PKU association, Obaruhu bio architecture and art team, which is among its partners, also cooperated with Sinek Sekiz Publishing House, which has an important network in the field of ecology.

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