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Tarla is the Turkish word for ‘field’. With this ecological life unit, we challenge the consumption patterns that harm the natural life cycles, and instead we produce natural, healthy, and sustainable products. We produce the agricultural needs of the facility without using any chemicals while growing the plants and have other produces from the olive and almond trees that we are proud of using in our kitchen. We adopt the dynamics of an ecological life via sustainable energy solutions rather than adopting the urban life. The solar energy panels in the facility supply a certain amount of the energy needed by the facility. The food waste collected in the kitchen and the green and brown wastes in the nature are used as compost fertilizer in our field/farm. The hybrid seeds and genetically modified organism are on the rise. We are trying to replace them with local and ancient seeds in our seed production area.

Project Objectives

  • To supply all grocery needs of the facility via the fruit trees and agricultural produce at the Dreams Academy Kaş campus in order to lead a natural, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle

  • To promote awareness about recycling and consumption habits

  • To reduce the consumption of industrial cleaning products and use environment-friendly products to prevent environmental damage

  • To use the wastewater in the irrigation of the fields after filtering and to collect the source waterin a tank to reduce water consumption

Project Activities

Plantation, sowing, maintenance of the field and the trees, and harvesting.

A Brief History and An Overview of Our Solutions to Social Issues

Most of our volunteers lead an urban lifestyle therefore they often do not spend much time in the nature until they have visited our premises and their volunteering experience marks their first time in nature and observing an alternative living experience. They enjoy touching the earth with their bare hands and consume what they have produced. They find the chance to question modern lifestyles, and think about recycling, the use of natural resources and become aware of the fact that human beings are a part of nature for the first time in their lives.


The volunteers of The Field work in agricultural activities such as looking after the field and the trees at the Dreams Academy Kaş and they adopt and promote all sorts of ecologic life principles by taking responsibilities. The main purpose is to come up with alternative solutions to our consumption patterns and habits, nutritional choices, the use of chemical products, and promote recycling, and a natural and healthy lifestyle in the facilities as well as in our personal lives.

Project Deliverables

  • We have supplied the grocery needs of the facility – we produced tomato, eggplant, pepper, cucumber, basil, sage, etc. and consumed the produce of the olive and almond trees.
  • We planted about 100 fruit trees in 2017 in the facility gardens.
  • The need for fertilizers of the facilities was met by the compost fertilizers produced there in 2017.

Social Impact Evaluation


Our Supporters

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