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“Be Your Own Hero!”

SHERO’s mission is to guide and empower international young women in ages 15-30 through the use of personal development workshops, training seminars, sports and theme based activity camps. We aim to help women become aware of their physical, emotional, mental powers and create an action plan to execute their goals.


Creative Leaders & Courageous Changemakers

Our vision is to start a movement in which women around the world can come together to learn, share and grow as individuals, inspire each other with their journeys, be brave when faced with difficulties and activate their creative system to serve the society by doing what they love. We know that women who recognize their limitless potential can help themselves and others to pursue their dreams. When physical movement, mental education and emotional growth come together, ignition of personal power and a ripple effect that extends to the community we live in and beyond is inevitable. 

We believe that the best way you can contribute to the society truly is by being your own hero first. Hero is defined as a person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character, who has special achievements, abilities, or personal qualities and is regarded as a role model or ideal. We are bombarded by superhuman characters who can fly or has incredible strength in the hero themed movies. Then we have human heroes who stop wars, who bring equality, who speak out for the weak or defend voiceless. Here is the thing; we don’t have to be a sci-fi character, or save a country to be a hero. What if the biggest heroic act you can do is actually meeting yourself, making positive changes and improvements to be a better human being?

Shero aims to start a conversation that matters. Women becoming aware of their powers, take action and make a positive impact in the society is a force to be reckon with.

We want to contribute to this conversation by presenting a platform and a program to help each individual become their own hero!

Proje Activities

  • To catalyze self-awareness process through transformative programs

  • To bring out each individual’s abilities, talents and powers

  • To encourage creativity and productivity in the areas of interest

  • To help create mental maps, strategies and action plans

  • To provide tools and information about wellness and healthy lifestyle

  • To educate women about leadership & entrepreneurship

  • To help gain confidence and remove limiting beliefs

  • To train participants in areas of communication, public speaking, body language and NLP

  • To promote teamwork while empowering leadership qualities

  • To give voice to issues and create projects to come up with smart solutions

  • To create space for diverse women to express themselves, acquire new knowledge and skills

  • To promote cultural diversity, creativity and development at local and global level

  • To establish an inclusive culture free from gender bias and discrimination

  • To improve the representation of women in all careers, aspects and levels of life

  • To provide tools and knowledge that will enable women to become mentally, emotionally, economically and socially independent individuals

  • To integrate international volunteers in all projects when possible

  • To drive change and commit to partnerships between the UN, the private sector and NGO’s for achieving the 2030 Agenda, especially about SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) that are directly relevant to our vision

Our Pillars





Our Supporters

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