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“Music for All!”

Shortly after Mehmet Uluğ, one of the founders of Pozitif (a festival and live show company) passed away in 2013, his name was given to the music studio at Kaş Dream Academy campus – MUME (Mehmet Uluğ Music House – MUME in Turkish: The Turkish word for house being ev, hence the letter E).

MUME (or MUMH in English) has been established to include all the required sound recording equipment, staff, and software. There are all types of microphones or preamps that suit all types of sounds and musical instruments.  Both professional and emerging musicians from all levels of musical skills can perform music at the studio.

The recording studio has both rehearsal equipment and recording equipment which meet high quality industry standards. Albums, demos, EPs can be recorded, dubbing, arrangement, mix, mastering, and backline can all be done at MUME, meeting the standards. It is also open to those who want to be involved in music. MUME also has local instruments, equipment to create digital effects, and processors.


Project Objectives

  • To ensure that disabled or socially disadvantaged people or bands/groups are involved in music production, as well as both professional and amateur musicians/bands

  • To support the rehearsal, recording, and video clip production of the Social Inclusion Band

  • To support all other projects of AYDER with musical. For example, producing jingles for the D Film, songs for Dreams Academy, Sorty marketing film music and such

  • To organize training, and workshops in Turkey for the international music arena,

  • To ensure that all these outcomes return to MUME as investment such as supplying the latest musical technologies.

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  • Those who are experts in using the software in the studio, support the activities in the studio under the general working principles of it.

  • Professional musicians or instrumentalists can make music in line with the projects to support our causes.

  • Experts, and related institutions can help us with the maintenance of the instruments and equipment at MUME (such as maintenance and repair).

  • The volunteers at DA (both long-term and short-term) can help clean and protect the equipment at MUME under the supervision of the director.


Our Supporters

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