Mediterranean Search And Rescue (MEDSAR) 2019-12-10T12:12:11+00:00


MEDSAR provides first aid and control support in the fastest way, with a civil initiative and professional approach to accidents, drowning and incidents of missing, and other incidents which can harm human life in seas and inland waters. MEDSAR works on a volunteering principle and is under the coordination of state authority.

MEDSAR operates in the province of Kaş, Antalya.

Project Objectives

Antalya’s Kaş province is a location where refugees and asylum seekers try cross to the island of Kastellorizo ​​(Greece), which is 1 mile from Kaş, and several accidents happen in the sea during these crossings. Kaş is also an ideal place for sports and search and rescue operations are widely needed.

Project Activities

Our team consists of 9 members, most of whom are diving instructors. MEDSAR has 1 rescue boat and support boat with various kind of supports. Three members of our team took Love Rescue Rescue3 Rescue Officer (RBO) and Swift Water and Flood First Responder (SFR) trainings.

Kaş District Governorship and TCSG also supports us in this volunteer force that saves lives.

Our Supporters