Hospitality for All 2018-02-22T12:39:25+00:00


‘Hospitality for All’ cannot be brought down to only enabling wheelchair access. The overall service and the approach we take should include everyone: families with young kids, those who have temporary disabilities, those who require a special diet, those who have different cultural expectations and of course those with hearing, seeing and learning disabilities, chronic illnesses, allergies, and movement difficulties. We should include these people without letting them face any sort of discrimination, labeling or isolation.

50 million individuals with special needs travel in Europe every year, and 300 million travels across the globe. Our goal is to end the inaccessibility in our country due to the weaknesses in our accessibility reports – therefore we prepared this guide as a step to ending this situation. Turkey is a top destination but needs to be more accessible and disability-friendly.

With the Design for All and Turkish Healthcare Travel Council cooperation we published 2000 English booklets and distributed them free of charge.

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