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eyLAB is the abbreviation for a life without barriers/obstacles/disabilities lab. It is an R&D and a specialized production lab for accessibility, mobility, usability and design for all, and a specialized center for technologies aiding those with special needs and disabilities.

Its goal is to create solutions to those with special needs by focusing on support technologies, accessibility, and design for all.

The multidisciplinary team consists of architects, engineers, product designers, graphic designers, computer specialists, trainers and instructors, academics, social entrepreneurs, NGO members and project specialists.

Project Objectives

eyLAB was launched to encourage the individuals with special needs and organizations to mirror the speedy change in technology, innovation, transformation and the change in the range of products and services which are byproducts of the new industrial revolution. As eyLAB, and Özyeğin University we are open to cooperation at the university’s Center for Entrepreneurship while benefiting from its infrastructure, information, experience, work force and networks as well the 20 years of social entrepreneurship of AYDER, our NGO experience, networks, and facilities. We believe that when infrastructure, know-how and experience come together, a synergy is inevitable and 1+1 can equal 3 in such a platform.

  • The Improvement and Optimization of Current Products

  • Empowering Education and Offering More Trainings

  • Empowering Education and Offering More Trainings

  • New Products, Projects and Innovation Partnerships

Proje Activities


Conducts the academic and fieldwork in identifying social issues.


Creates inclusive designs based on the universal design principles and to solve the related social issues.


EYLAB is a leader in social entrepreneurship, social innovation and social impact and creates networks in these.


Gives training on solutions for social issues. Cooperates with educational institutions.


Manufactures digital products for the solutions of social issues identified by the R&D.

Our Supporters

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