Barrier Free Life Solutions Map Phase 2 – Part 1

On 01.02.2021, the EYÇH project has entered the second phase.

During the first phase, disabled, old and socially/economically disadvantaged individuals were detected. On the second phase, field works, on-site visits, contact with the local administrators and phone calls with individuals have been done, in order to update the current database and make the entries of newly detected individuals. A need map was created together with the Needs Map Cooperation to meet the needs of the disabled individuals we learned from them. On 10.02.2021, a presentation has been made to T.C. Kaş Local Government to inform them on the project’s status. First visit was to an elderly person with physical and hearing disability who lives in Yuvacık District, to meet their needs, which were visible now, thanks to the project. Their need of a bed was met with the participation of the related institution and our volunteers. While the needs were met transparently, the trust of the citizens was gained. The hard work we have been carrying out during the project continues without slowing down.

2021-10-05T14:46:02+00:00 25 February 2021|AYDER, Dreams Academy Kas, News|
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