No Barriers for My Country

No Barriers for my Country


‘’No barriers for my country’’ is a project which aims the complete integration of disabled people into the society and make their lives easier by arranging the existing conditions.

          The project will last during the years of 2012-2013 and within the scope of the project implemented with the partnership of AYDER (Alternative Life Association), UNDP (United Nations Development Program), Koç; it is aimed to have disabled friendly workplaces at all Koç Group Companies and Dealers, as well as the pioneer role in the projects for increasing the life and work standards of disabled people.

         Among the purposes of this two years project, creating social responsibility, awareness and ensuring this vision is spread over company and dealer relations by increasing the “Right approach towards disability” trainings among Koç group employees, dealers and public, also serving the minimum standards for creating disabled friendly workplaces among all Koç Group Companies are included.



10 Heros
»  10 Heros


Today is the international day of disabled people. Despite all the challenges, 10 heroes make differences and change the lives of handicapped people by helping them overcome disabilities.


Gültekin Yazgan


One of the founding members of the Six Dots Foundation for Blinds, Yazgan established Turkey library for Blinds taking books written in Turkey, England or some other countries as model. Thank to this project, many visually handicapped people succeeded in the exams like ÖSS, SBS, and they had greater chance to have a job.

Rodin Alper Bingöl


He was given Contribution to Human Rights, Children and World Peace award by Junior Chamber International, taking the first place as the most successful young man of the Turkey in the year 2009, with the removing barriers movement he created.




Mine Narin


Narin who found Tohum Autism Foundation in 2003, creates differences in the lives of the children with autism and their families. Thanks to the collaborative works of Tohum Autism Foundation with the Ministry of National Education and Health, 46,000 children in Turkey had outism screening test for the first time.



Ercan Tutal


For disabled people's integration into the society, he founded the Dreams Academy. Tutal gives hearing impaired people DJ classes, teaches visually handicapped people how to draw. Every year he provides workshops for theatre, photography, music, DJ, life coaching for hundreds of disabled children.

Şafak Pavey


Şafak who becomes a deputy of CHP, after quitting his position as administrator in United Nations high commissioner for human rights is well known for her works on human rights within the international public opinion, humanitarian aid and global peace. Her unique attitude during recovery period after the train accident she had, became a subject of a thesis in University Hospital Zurich, later this study was published.


Ahmet Besim Toker

Within Toker's project, “Hold on to life by producing”, 545 disabled people were educated in the subjects of “job applications, CV preparation, self-improvement, disability rights.

Selma Yıldız

26 years old Selma Yıldız, a kindergarten teacher, started “Huge Little Codas” Project in Turkey for the first time. The project aims to lessen the responsibilities taken by the non-disabled children or young people whose parents are hearing impaired.


Gülçin Kaya

After she founded ‘’Art without Boundaries Association’’, she was given a grant by European Union Fund. Thanks to ‘’Art without Boundaries Association’’, 120 mentally handicapped people came together with 50 young sociologists, psychologists and art educators in art workshops.


Alper Kaya

Alper kaya has 95% disability, he can only speak, swallow and move slightly just one of his fingers. However, as a patient and doctor, he shares every single positive and negative development through websites in a way that other patients can comprehend as well.



Kenan Zülaloğlu

Zülaloğlu is an education volunteer who devoted himself to the education of handicapped people, after his 30 years experience as a teacher in courses. Having founded Bakırköy Youth Center, he helps young people who are in need of help financially and physically get ready for education.

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