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Best Buddies Foundation

Best Buddies is an organization which fosters one to one friendships between with and without mentally disabled volunteers.

Anthony Kennedy Shriver, from Kennedy family in the United States of America, is the founder of the Best Buddies which he established in 1989.

This organization operates programs in 50 countries.

In Turkey, the fiftieth participating country, this organization has implemented on January 2011 and it has been operating by the Alternative Life Association (AYDER)

How to participate in Best Buddies?

Sending an email to  stating that you want to participate in the organization is enough.

Then, a membership application form will be sent to you by the Best Buddies team.

When you send back this application form, you will be invited to our office for face to face in the earliest Best Buddy meeting day.

What are the Best Buddies Programs?

  • There are seven Best Buddies programs.
    • Middle School
    • High School
    • University
    • Citizenship
    • E-buddy
    • Ambassador
    • Jobs

In what level is the contact with the Best Buddies Head office?

  • BB Head Office constantly and systematically supports Best Buddies Turkey.
  • All the information in BB Turkey remains confidential, and it fulfills financial managements separated from the Head Office.
  • Every employee of the BB Turkey is seen as international employee, also they participate in international conferences and trainings continuously.

How does the Best Buddy Organization work?

  • Best Buddies is a volunteer movement program. It charges no fee or contribution from its participants.
  • BB Turkey office is located in Batı Ataşehir, İstanbul.

What happens at the end of the Best Buddies Program?

  • At the end of the program, process is completed with the international certificates given to both buddy and volunteer. This certificate is sent to the volunteer by Best Buddies head office.


What are the responsibilities of being Best Buddy volunteers?

  • Each Buddy program lasts either one year or one academic period (until June according to school plans)
  • All the schools are closed on July. If you become a volunteer in citizenship program, then the volunteer period is one year long.
  • Volunteers accept to communicate with their buddy at least once in a week by telephone, e mail, SMS, letter, and social media communication sharing.
  • And they accept to
    • meet face to face in somewhere they determine
    • play games, take a walk, talk to each other, and share their mutual interests twice in a month.

Also families can participate in activities.


It is Best Buddies' 25th Anniversary.
»  It is Best Buddies' 25th Anniversary.

It is Best Buddies' 25th Anniversary. Help us celebrate by watching our commemorative video and contributing to Best Buddies Turkey today.

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