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Dreams Kitchen was put into practice and came to life as the social enterprise of Alternative Life Association with the purposes of supporting the community involvement and constituting an income-generating model.

Dreams Kitchen works both as a training and production workshop and offers catering services to its customers as well as helping people with different disabilities acquire occupational skills with our training in baking. This social enterprise model utilizes the income generated at our facility to enable the access to activities by a higher number of disadvantaged young people.

Project Objectives

  • Being a social innovation and support center for disabled people

  • Improving their social standards and providing permanent and healthy solutions to the barriers before them

  • Ensuring the production of value, empowering them to overcome social exclusion and become active and productive individuals

  • Instead of receiving donations, promoting their integration into social life and their independence and self-sufficiency

  • Proving that individuals can achieve a lot when given the chance and promoting awareness in the public

Proje Activities

Dreams Kitchen organizes weekly culinary workshops for the academy students with the participation of the volunteers. On the social enterprise side, corporate businesses are given catering services. In addition to these, at corporate businesses and schools, we hold sales events with the participation of the socially disadvantaged students in order to promote awareness.

A Brief History and An Overview of Our Solutions to Social Issues

Our project started back in 2012. With this project, a wide range of crucial opportunities are given to those with psychical and/or psychological disabilities or those who have been excluded from the society due to financial difficulties. We promote an environment to allow them to join the society as active and productive people and express themselves via culinary arts.

The workshops of the Dreams Kitchen are held at our headquarters in Ataşehir, Istanbul, and we provide employment opportunities for the young disabled people at our facilities.


The word volunteer is conceived as someone who works in a job on their own free will, however, in Turkey, it is usually thought to be a person who works in an NGO because the act of volunteering is one of the main pillars of NGOs. Volunteering means, at its simplest, not requesting any wage/pay or income/profit from the job one does. Volunteerism means to volunteer. Volunteering plays an important role in the strengthening of the social structure on a spiritual level.

Volunteering is crucial in the cases of national disasters and social development projects.  Volunteering also allows the individual to gain knowledge, experience, become active, learn to tolerate, and a professional approach as well as qualities such as taking responsibilities, and being accountable/reliable. Even if one does not earn any income from volunteering, one’s primary personal gain is the skills and competencies they earn

Dreams Kitchen Volunteer Job Description:

  • Guide the students during the entrance to the classes and at the exits when the workshops finish.

  • Attend the classes and assist the tutors with;

    → keeping an attendance record,
    → the lessons,
    → repeating the materials covered in the workshop,
    → helping the participants in following the classes.

  • They take part in the cleaning of the kitchen, preparing and cooking od the food as well as packaging.

  • The volunteers also assist the project team in all activities and events (such as parties, shows, promotions, and presentations, etc.) of the Dreams Kitchen.

To contribute to the community, producing is not a must. The most influential tool for change is spreading information and knowledge and promoting awareness. Our volunteers become a big part of the social integration by sharing the realities of physically handicapped or socially disadvantaged young people.

Project Deliverables

Dreams Kitchen has run 20 workshops with 270 students for 420 since its foundation in 2012. Only in 2016, 4435 single cookies (a total of 1192 kg – around 2700 lb.) were made.

Social Impact Evaluation


Our Supporters

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