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“Where Dreams Come True”

Dreams Academy Kaş is a village academy operating in the old Çukurbağ Primary school since 2013. It provides alternative, innovative and sustainable services such as free education, production and shared/integrated life experiences to individuals and groups who have been excluded for reasons mainly disability or chronic illnesses. All operations in the academy are run on a volunteering basis. Dreams Academy Kaş is learning by experience center.

Project Objectives

  • To procure social integration with artistic and sports activities

  • To make ecological life a part of everyday life

  • To ensure self-awareness about one’s own skills by participating in recreational activities such as drawing and musical activities and provide the participants with the motivation and opportunity to resume these activities and improve these skills after completing the Academy

  • To consider and adopt renewable energy solutions and ecological life dynamics instead of a modern urban life

  • To promote altruism and volunteering

  • To implement the experiences to everyday life with the social innovation purpose in mind

  • Dreams Academy Kaş is a platform that brings together universal and local values thanks to it being a village academy and its location.

Project Activities

Work Plan: These set the most beautiful examples of social change – weekly programs of artistic activities. We offer Art/Recreation – Education – Integration and Holiday Camping services together.
During the camping week each activity is designed according to the participant profiles, customized to their needs, and therefore is different.

With the help of themed camps, we welcome various institutions and we provide free activities and workshops to those with special needs and those who are socially disadvantaged.

The thematic camp programs are designed and planned in accordance with the participant group’s own needs and schedules/availability.
The camp curriculum includes drawing, rhythm, theatre, screenwriting-editing, philosophy concerts, playing musical instruments, ceramic and wood workshops, sculpture and reading activities.
Please see a sample daily program below:

A Brief History and An Overview of Our Solutions to Social Issues

Alternative Camp has been held in various parts of Turkey since 2002 and since 2014 it has been organized in Çukurbağ Village in Kaş/Antalya. The Dreams Academy Kaş was brought to life during this period and it operates in the old Çukurbağ Village Primary School building since 2014.

The basic values of Dreams Academy Kaş are:

  • Volunteering: People who volunteer (both short and long term) for the causes they believe are the leading and dynamic forces behind social change. The social change programs are guaranteed to sustain thanks to the help of volunteering.

  • Respect for Diversity: One of the most powerful aspects of our approach is to live equally and promote equal rights and provide equal opportunities without discriminating people because of their disabilities, their sex, ethnicities or cultural differences.

  • Altruism (Giving without Expectations): Our experiences, knowledge and emotions are open to sharing without any expectations.

  • Intercultural Interaction: We accept different cultures, local habits, various expectations without judgment and hesitation for a meaningful and productive common life cycle.

  • Thinking Positively: Economic crises, unemployment, pollution, poverty, wars all make the world a difficult place to live, however, by thinking positively, we help humanity to hope for the future and start changing.

  • Universal Design: We need to redesign the world to match a universal design for recreating the definition of normal and provide equal opportunities and an environment full of equal access to all parts of social life for those with temporary or permanent disabilities.

  • Innovative Production: We base our activities on creative, innovative and sustainable social entrepreneurship alternatives from idea creation to industrial design products, and all production processes.


The most crucial element for the main activities of NGOs is the volunteers: the workforce. ‘Volunteers’ are human capital who carry out social responsibilities by adding value to volunteering activities without requesting any wage/pay or income/profit in return. Volunteers devote their time to a cause they believe in for a short or long term and they help guarantee the sustainability of social change projects and are a leading force in social change.

“Be the change” is our call. Many young people from Turkey and all around the globe join us without a second thought, knowing that our arms are wide open for them unconditionally. They wish to be happy and make others happy. They voluntarily help with all their hearts and minds – these are unique individuals both in heart and mind.

Whatever we say about volunteering does not help describe how important volunteers are for social change. There is always a new change and transformation story at the Dreams Academy.

At Dreams Academy Kaş volunteers work in the designated fields and departments. The fields and the definitions of volunteering vary.

The volunteers actively assist with all the activities (workshops and sports activities) of the participating groups. Volunteering force plays an important role in the kitchen where the daily nutritional needs of the participants and volunteers are prepared. The volunteers are also responsible for the general outlook and cleaning of the facilities on the academy as well as the overall environment of the facilities. The volunteers who work at the office are responsible for the office work, guiding the visitors, and promoting the AYDER Shop products. Their assistance is also valued at the riding school. The watering, caring for the fields, harvesting and such are also taken care of by the volunteers.

The volunteers volunteering for DA Kaş are provided food and accommodation by us. We can currently accommodate 44 volunteers. The Academy also functions as a social innovation center; therefore, all sorts of experiences would be beneficial for self-improvement.

Why volunteer for Dreams Academy Kaş?

  • To support those with disabilities or those who are socially disadvantaged
  • To experience an alternative village life
  • To gain experience in ecological life
  • To enjoy volunteering and altruism
  • To meet new people
  • To witness the healing power of art and love
  • And if you are also dreaming about a life without obstacles.

We keep an open house at the Dreams Academy. When you want to help without any expectations to receive anything in return, you know that you have taken on a long and challenging journey – you have asked yourself “Why can I not be there for change?”, have taken a step forward to solve a complicated and impossible-looking problem. You have already said “Count me in.”

Project Deliverables

Dreams Academy Kaş has hosted around 1300 participant, 850 volunteers and 12.000 visitors since its foundation in June 12, 2014. Around 100.000 hours of volunteering were facilitated to date. We receive on average 500 applications for the volunteering jobs per year.

Only in 2017:

  • We hosted 236 participants, 222 volunteers.
  • A total of 271 workshops, trainings and activities in 17 different contents were facilitated.
  • 120 hours of sea, 96 hours of diving activities were organized.
  • Our participants enjoyed 372 hours of horseback riding.
  • We hosted 30 artists in painting, sculpture and music.
  • 3000 visitors visited Dreams Academy Kaş.
  • We hosted 5 photography and painting exhibitions, 2 ballet performances, and 3 talks in literature and archaeology.
  • 6 Barter Festivals, and 1 Rice Party were held.

Social Impact Evaluation


Our Supporters

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