Dreams Academy transforms!

Our compost machine has arrived and nature is brought back to life at Dreams Academy. Compost production was the first step of the sustainable agriculture practices at Dreams Academy.

The compost machine, produced by the Association for Meaningful Jobs and the Soil Catcher Initiataive, arrived at Dreams Academy this week. From now on, our coffee and tea waste will join back to the land. Compost is a natural method for nourishment, obtained by putting all kinds of organic waste together, and their decomposition by the microorganisms. With the help of the organic nutrients and and minerals it contains, it maintains the pH level of the soil and boosts its efficiency. Although it sounds challenging, it is actually an easy and practical method. We are very excited for the nature-friendly farming method of composting and reusing!

2021-10-05T14:47:05+00:00 25 February 2021|Alternative Camp, AYDER, Dreams Academy Kas, News, The Field|
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