Consume and Think Together

6 young participants from AYDER, represent Turkey at ecology and environmental issues related youth exchange program that organized by Intercultural Life.

Participants from Italy, Spain, Germany and Turkey, shared their experiences about ecology and responsible consumption issues in between 11-20 April. With the program organized in Trasmulas Granada, participants gained intercultural skills through alternative education-oriented activities. The goal of the Project involves internalizing diversity, inclusion of disability and assimilating cultural differences.

There were Social Inclusion Band’s frontman and soloist, a representative from PKU assosiaciation and representatives from various circles and natural build community in the group that represents Turkey.

In the creative production workshop organized towards the end of the project, each small group prepared panels on a different subject in order to raise awareness on responsible consumption. The panels produced on the last day of the project were presented to the locals of Trasmulas and to the other guests from Spain.

Participants from Turkey will continue to work to improve the ecological philosophy of life of Dreams Academy Kaş.

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