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Alternative Camp has been held in different cities in Turkey for 15 years, and since 2014 it is held in the Çukurbağ Village in Kaş/Antalya. The premises of the project, the old Çukurbağ Village Primary school has been granted to AYDER for 10 years by the village governing unit and the community council. Alternative Camp consists of new activities than the previous years’. The activities and tasks include providing solutions to the genetically modified food.  we supply our participants with entirely natural and additive-free agriculture, supply natural products/produce. The Çukurbağ village has a historical value too. Alternative Camp Project has enabled the research into the history of the area, to educate and inform the village community and form interactive relations. Expert architects have built ecological buildings. We use alternative energy methods such as solar energy and wind power, produce own electricity and recycle the water we use.

Alternative Camp always keeps an open house for all disabled and socially disadvantaged people for free art and sports activities.

Project Activities

Work Plan: We promote the best practices of social change with weekly programs and sports activities. We provide services such as sports activities – education/training – social integration and holiday camping.

During the camping week, the participants attend activities and events based on the group profile, the activities are organized according to their needs and each day has a different schedule.

We offer free activities and workshops for disabled and socially disadvantaged students and with the help of thematic camps, we open our doors to various institutions.

The thematic camps are designed in accordance with the needs of each participant group.

Sports Activities: Swimming, Diving, Boat Trips, High Rope Trekking, Climbing Wall, Beach Volley, Mountain Biking, Canyoneering, Tai Chi, Yoga, Football, Bocce, Chess and Go, Sea Kayaking, Orienteering, Team Training, Horse Riding

Recreational/Art Activities: Drawing, Rhythm Workshops, Theatre, Scriptwriting-Editing, Open Cinema, Philosophy, Reading, Concerts, Instrument Playing, Ceramic, Sculpture and Wood Workshops

Other Activities: Foreign Languages, Sign Language, Project Creation and Management,  Kitchen Workshop, Problem Solving in Social Issues, International Social Entrepreneur Meetings, Private Sector Trainings, The Right Approach To Disability Education

A Brief History and An Overview of Our Solutions to Social Issues

Alternative Camp started with the financial support of a businessman in 2002. With the start of this project including the diving programs, the integration of the infrastructure to offer activities, training, and holiday services for disabled and those with other needs was prepared. Alternative Camp has an infrastructure for swimming, snorkeling, free diving, scuba diving, several other water sports, water aerobics, morning aerobics, basketball, badminton, tennis, table tennis, riding, mountain biking, and outdoor sports. Alternative camp provides services for 6 months every year – offers activities in sports, arts, and culture, and training camps for one week in mostly the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey. Due to popular demand, we also support the civil society organizations, local institutions and corporations in other cities in turkey such as Van, Sinop, Fatsa, Artvin in camping, accessibility and cooperating with other partners. Alternative Camp opportunities mark the first experiences for many participants such as flying on the plane for the first time, swimming and diving for the first time and also participating in activities without the company of their families. They enjoy achieving things on their own and being independent and gain self-confidence. Many Alternative Camp participants resume their lives as successful leaders.


People who volunteer (both short and long term) for the causes they believe are the leading and dynamic forces behind social change. The social change programs are guaranteed to sustain the help of volunteering. “Volunteer and change lives” is the motto and this camp is one of the best examples of that.

Social Impact Evaluation


Our Supporters

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